Presidents Bash 2014

Roseland Rotary Presidents Bash for 2014 was held at Joe and Cindy Maloneys house in South Bend.  It goes without saying that the Maloneys did an outstanding job and put on a great night for Roseland Rotarians. Below find a few Photos from the Bash,PEO_8490 PEO_8491 PEO_8493 PEO_8494 PEO_8497 PEO_8498 PEO_8501 PEO_8502 PEO_8503 PEO_8505 PEO_8506 PEO_8511 PEO_8512 PEO_8513 PEO_8514 PEO_8516 PEO_8517 PEO_8518 PEO_8519 PEO_8520 PEO_8523 PEO_8524 PEO_8525 PEO_8526 PEO_8534 PEO_8535 PEO_8537 PEO_8538 PEO_8539 PEO_8540 PEO_8541 PEO_8543 PEO_8545 PEO_8546 PEO_8547 PEO_8548 PEO_8549 PEO_8552 PEO_8553 PEO_8555 PEO_8556 PEO_8561