Roseland Rotary After Hours

Roseland Rotary held it's first After Hours meeting October 9, 2013 at 5:30pm.  The meeting was held at the Waterford  in the Fireplace Lounge.  This was a regular meeting except there was no speaker but rather member interaction.  We believe this was a successful event and will happen on a more regular basis. PEO_0272 PEO_0281 PEO_0282 PEO_0284 PEO_0285 PEO_0287 PEO_0288 PEO_0289 PEO_0290 PEO_0291 PEO_0292 PEO_0293 PEO_0294 PEO_0295 PEO_0297 PEO_0298 PEO_0299 PEO_0300 PEO_0301