Roseland Rotary Apple Picking

On October 6, 2013 Roseland Rotary members participated in the annual Apple Pick at Tremendous Tree.  Rotarians and their family's picked apples on a rainning day.  The rain did not hinder our success as we cleaning all 9 of our trees.  It looked like we could have cleaned another 4 trees if we had them.  Tom and Sue Hickey prepared the food and was it ever tasty.  The rain did not hurt anyones appetite.  By the way, the Brats were magnificent BCB_5531 BCB_5533 BCB_5534 BCB_5535 BCB_5536 BCB_5537 BCB_5539 BCB_5540 BCB_5542 BCB_5543 BCB_5544 BCB_5545 BCB_5546 BCB_5547 BCB_5548 BCB_5549 BCB_5550 BCB_5551 BCB_5552 BCB_5553 BCB_5554 BCB_5555 BCB_5556 BCB_5557 BCB_5558 BCB_5559 BCB_5560 BCB_5561 BCB_5562