Foundation Dinner October 9, 2013

Roseland Rotary Club members Robert Sones, Al Veldman, Bill Brennen, Winnie Farquhar and Ben Bendit attended this years event. This event is the big fund raiser for the Foundation. PEO_0182 PEO_0183 PEO_0184 PEO_0185 PEO_0186 PEO_0187 PEO_0188 PEO_0189 PEO_0190 PEO_0191 PEO_0193 PEO_0194 PEO_0197 PEO_0198 PEO_0199 PEO_0200 PEO_0201 PEO_0202 PEO_0203 PEO_0204 PEO_0207 PEO_0210 PEO_0211 PEO_0213 PEO_0214 PEO_0212