Roseland Rotary’s Presidents Bash June 2013

The only words to discribe the Presidents Bash was WOW.   The Bash was held at Tom and Sue Ellen Hickeys house on Magician Lake. Hats off to the Hickey's for another job well done. It was quite the evening with excellent food, good drink and great company.   These are a few of the pictures taken at the Bash. PEO_6369 PEO_6370_pp PEO_6371_pp PEO_6372 PEO_6373 PEO_6374 PEO_6375 PEO_6376 PEO_6377 PEO_6378 PEO_6379 PEO_6380 PEO_6382 PEO_6385 PEO_6390 PEO_6392 PEO_6393_pp PEO_6394 PEO_6396 PEO_6399 PEO_6404 PEO_6405 PEO_6406 PEO_6407 PEO_6409 PEO_6413 PEO_6414 PEO_6419 PEO_6420 PEO_6423 PEO_6424