Roseland Rotary 2013 Auction

Roseland Rotary and the Sunrise Rotary sponsored a evening Dinner and Auction at the Windsor Park Conference Center.  The food was tasty, the drinks were satisfying, the deserts scrumptious and all our friends were delightful.  It was a wonderful evening   The monies rasied from this event go a long way in supporting the meny projects of both clubs. PEO_5208 PEO_5199 PEO_5198 PEO_5197 PEO_5196 PEO_5195 PEO_5194 PEO_5193 PEO_5192 PEO_5191 PEO_5190 PEO_5189 PEO_5188 PEO_5187 PEO_5186 PEO_5185 PEO_5184 PEO_5183 PEO_5182 PEO_5181 PEO_5180 PEO_5179 PEO_5177 PEO_5176 PEO_5175 PEO_5174 PEO_5171 PEO_5169 PEO_5168 PEO_5164 PEO_5162 PEO_5161 PEO_5159 PEO_5158 PEO_5157 PEO_5156 PEO_5155 PEO_5154 PEO_5153 PEO_5152 PEO_5151 PEO_5150 PEO_5149 PEO_5146 PEO_5145 PEO_5146