Rotary Foundation Dinner 2016

Roseland Rotary Club members attended the  Centennial Celebration of The Rotary Foundation at the Lerner  Crystal Ballroom in Elkhart, Indiana.  See Photo's below October 4, 2016 Members of the Roseland Rotary Club attended the Centennial Celebration of The Rotary Foundation at the Lerner Crystal Ballroom in Elkhart, Indiana. You’re Little Old Editor along with Winnie Farquhar, President Paula Sours, Bob Sones, Bill Brennen and Joe Maloney made the trip to the celebration. Don Stohler and his lovely wife were in attendance and sat with us during dinner. Roseland Rotary was represented by more than 10% of its members and as a result will receive, in the way of grant money, $100 for every member attending. This $600 grant must be used for a Roseland Rotary Project. Thanks to those attending and to Al Veldman for supporting our celebration. I have attended one other Foundation Dinner and found it long and very boring. This was not the case with this year’s Dinner. First let me say I loved the accommodations. The parking was excellent, free, the old building has a nice warm feeling to it. The food was excellent, stuffed shrimp, steak that melted in your mouth, mixed vegetables, potatoes, salad, rolls, hors d'oeuvres, and the best chocolate cake I have ever had. The adult beverages were not bad either. Usually the program moves slowly but this was not the case for this program. It moved along quickly and as such was not boring. Recognitions went fast and most of the speakers only had a couple of minutes to talk. The highlight of the evening was keynote speaker Rick King President, Rotary International 2001 – 2002. Rick had the audience in the palm of his hand throughout his speech. He had us laughing, he had us mesmerized and he had us in tears. What does it mean to be a Rotarian and what is it we do? Well, I have never heard it explained any better than Rick King expressed it. Every Rotarian should have the privilege of hearing Mr. King speak. We are special and as such we should stay involved rather than just sit on the sidelines just so we can say we are a member of Rotary. We should be involved in Rotary. Rotary changes the world and it does it for the better. Who else can say that? Did you know, for every $100 you give to the Rotary Foundation somewhere in the world you have saved 4 lives? What a humbling honor An Afghanistan once said, and I paraphrase, our only way of solving our differences is by killing each other. If we had enough Rotary Clubs in our country we would find peaceful solutions and the killing would stop. This is a great tribute to Rotary. Rotary promotes peace in the world by making the world a better place for all peoples. Rotary is by far the world’s largest service club. One would think that all Rotarians would want to contribute to the success of Rotary in the world and in our communities. It takes all of us doing our small part to make a big success. We joined Rotary to make a difference so what is stopping you!  Photo's of the Celebration