Presidents Bash, June 30, 2016

This years Bash was hosted by Joe and Cindy Maloney's and held at their home.  A special thanks to Joe and Cindy for an outstanding job.  Several awards were given out including, the Stanley Gilbert award to Cliff Witkowski.  Bob Sones received the Robert Garvey Award and Jay Harwood Received the Service Above Self award.  Al Veldman, Joe Maloney, Morris Rosen, Paula Sours, George Stump and Ben Bendit recieved their Paul Harris Fellow Plaques. PEO_0956 PEO_0957 PEO_0958 PEO_0959 PEO_0960 PEO_0961 PEO_0962 PEO_0963 PEO_0964 PEO_0965 PEO_0966 PEO_0967 PEO_0968 PEO_0969 PEO_0970 PEO_0971 PEO_0972 PEO_0974 PEO_0975 PEO_0976 PEO_0977 PEO_0979 PEO_0981 PEO_0982 PEO_0983 PEO_0984 PEO_0985 PEO_0986 PEO_0987 PEO_0988 PEO_0989 PEO_0990 PEO_0991 PEO_0992 PEO_0993 PEO_0994 PEO_0995 PEO_0996 PEO_0997 PEO_0998 PEO_0999 PEO_1000 PEO_1001 PEO_1002 PEO_1003 PEO_1004 PEO_1005 PEO_1006 PEO_1007 PEO_1008 PEO_1009 PEO_1010