Saint Peter Claver House

Roseland Rotary has entered into a project to rebuild a house and turn it into a home for women with children who have no where to call home. The house was purchased in 2011 by Sheila McCarthy a Notre Dame student. She purchased the house from the city for $800.  People say she paid $800 to much for the house. It was Sheila's dream to make this house into a home that could serve as many as 4 or 5 families. Families that need a place to342 stay while they get back on their feet. To say the house was a disaster would be an understatement. The attic was covered in buckets just to try and catch the rain water pouring into the house. The floors were rotted the ceiling were down, or about down, the walls were cracked and nothing worked.  The back of the house was gone completely and many of the windows were out. Although the city had the house on the demolition list, once it was bought it became an historical home.  This means it most be repaired to meet the rules of the historical registry. Since Sheila bought the house she has used her own money to put on a new $26,000 roof and has rebuilt the back of the house. Many of the walls have been stripped down and the plaster that is left is to be repaired.  All the ceilings have been removed  and many of the floor joists have been repaired or replaced. The steam heating system has been repaired and activated throughout the house. Roseland Rotary got involved in 2012 by way of member Rotarian Al Veldman.  At that time Rotarians went to work filling two larges dumpsters with trash they removed from the house.  Since then Al and Sheila with the help of others including Roseland Rotarians have made headway.  Still today there remains much to be done. Rotary is making a commitment to see this valuable project to it completion. Completing the making of a home out of a house. Help is needed in the way of donations and labor. If you can help please call us or come to a meeting.  You can call Al Veldman at 574-339-8082 or Ben Bendit at 574-274-7753.3 6 14 16 20 24 44 45 48 146 162 164 Rotarians at Work 342 344 420 LAN_4935 LAN_4940 LAN_4942 LAN_4943 LAN_4944 LAN_4947 LAN_4951 LAN_4952 PEO_5258 PEO_5260 PEO_5263 PEO_5264 PEO_5265 PEO_5266 PEO_5267 PEO_5268 PEO_5269 PEO_5270 PEO_5271 PEO_5272 PEO_5273 PEO_5274 PEO_5275 PEO_5276