Roseland Picnic August 2015

Roseland Rotary cosponsored a community picnic with the community of Roseland. Despite the rain a good time was had.  Photo's were taken early in the day before the party got started. Thanks to all the Rotarians and Roseland workers for all their hard work.   PEO_5188 PEO_5189 PEO_5190 PEO_5193 PEO_5194 PEO_5195 PEO_5196 PEO_5197 PEO_5198 PEO_5199 PEO_5200 PEO_5201 PEO_5202 PEO_5203 PEO_5204 PEO_5205 PEO_5206 PEO_5207 PEO_5209 PEO_5210 PEO_5213 PEO_5215 PEO_5216 PEO_5217 PEO_5218 PEO_5219 PEO_5220 PEO_5221 PEO_5224 PEO_5226 PEO_5227 PEO_5230 PEO_5233 PEO_5234 PEO_5237 PEO_5242 PEO_5245 PEO_5247 PEO_5250 PEO_5252 PEO_5253 PEO_5254 PEO_5257