Roseland Rotary Christmas Party 2014

Roseland Rotary's 2014 Christmas Party. Dinner and the Dirty Santa gift exchange. Take a Look, PEO_4256 PEO_4259 PEO_4260 PEO_4261 PEO_4263 PEO_4264 PEO_4265 PEO_4266 PEO_4268 PEO_4269 PEO_4272 PEO_4273 PEO_4277 PEO_4278 PEO_4280 PEO_4281 PEO_4283 PEO_4284 PEO_4286 PEO_4292 PEO_4297 PEO_4302 PEO_4304 PEO_4306 PEO_4308 PEO_4310 PEO_4316 PEO_4318 PEO_4325 PEO_4327 PEO_4328 PEO_4329 PEO_4330 PEO_4331 PEO_4332 PEO_4334 PEO_4335 PEO_4337 PEO_4338 PEO_4340 PEO_4342 PEO_4343 PEO_4346 PEO_4347 PEO_4349 PEO_4351 PEO_4352 PEO_4353 PEO_4355 PEO_4358 PEO_4359 PEO_4361 PEO_4362 PEO_4363 PEO_4364 PEO_4365 PEO_4366 PEO_4367 PEO_4370 PEO_4371 PEO_4373 PEO_4374 PEO_4375